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Today, startups and big firms are depending on their CFOs and finance departments to give insights that will determine business strategy in manners that make them competitive. At Finance Global Consulting, we are working with finance departments to organize and deliver the much needed insights in a smart manner. We are committed to assist businesses balance their business with finance, accounting, and payroll tasks and reporting.


We offer financial services such as Bookkeeping, Monthly management accounts, Financial statements, Financial statement analysis and interpretation, Bank Reconciliations, Supplier and Debtor Reconciliations, Payroll reports, Filing Statutory Deductions and Tax administration services to small and medium size businesses in various sectors.

Committed to ensuring clients get value!

We ensure this through tailored solutions, best finance practices and skills specializations.

We support CFOs, controllers and treasurers to enhance the performance of their firms. Our model supports finance departments in a manner that results in solutions to challenges that assist in achieving the right standards, the right optimization, and emanating as successful from any challenge.

Finance Global Consulting also focuses on areas that have proven to be a challenge for the finance function over the past. For instance

  • Maintaining compliance and control: We understand that CFOs and controllers consider compliance to be a key agenda in their work and we endeavor to support them achieve that.
  • Driving efficiency: We reckon that the pressure to generate a constant revenue stream has never been greater than now and our services are geared towards making you and your business efficient.
  • Giving insight and challenge: Our consultancy services result in great insight that comes in various forms. We are keen in ensuring that we provide a robust framework for you to succeed.

At Finance Global Consulting, we believe that balancing everything, including the demands in the market, will assist your business realize its vision. Consult with us today for a difference. Learn more about our services or contact us anytime with your query and we will walk together towards ensuring you maintain compliance and control, drive efficiency, and have the right insight.

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